Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Adventures in Printmaking

Above are a few of the results of my recent ventures back into the world of printmaking. These collagraphs were a real treat to create from the initial concept and planning to the finished prints. The smaller of the two was inked in two colors and the red areas are chin colle. The finished print was hand colored in a few spots with watercolor. (A simpler version of this plate can be seen in a previous post.)
The larger print was also hand colored with watercolor.
Does anyone have any tips or tricks for speeding up the inking and wiping process? As much as I love collagraph, my full time day job does not leave me much time for this very time consuming process. Compared to this, printing linocuts is a snap.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Drawing with glasses and without: which is which?

So far so good...8 days into the New Year and my resolution is holding up. Each day I've spent 15 minutes drawing. Losing my glasses one day resulted in an interesting drawing experiment. Instead of wasting another 15 minutes looking for them I decided to do my drawing without glasses. The drawing of the rose above is the result. (The drawing of the bear is an example of drawing with my glasses.) Not being able to see details forced me to sort of "feel my way around" the drawing process, producing more fluid, intuitive lines and punching up values.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year's Resolution: Draw Everyday

What a noble goal. Can I do it? I've decided to approach it in small steps.
My goal for the first month is to draw for 15 minutes each day. If I can
stick to it, I'm going to try for 15 minutes twice a day for the next
month. Just draw anything with no fussing, no perfect results....I just
want to establishing a habit of making marks on a regular basis with no set
Ok, here goes...