Saturday, December 6, 2008

A new puppy and getting to really know my backyard

Lola is our new puppy. Over the years, I tend to forget how much work some things are,-like caring for a new puppy. Housebreaking. So much fun, up in the middle of the night to stand, freezing, in my backyard while muttering words of encouragement. Or waking up, groggy, to a vaquely funky smell only to discover a chewed-up pig hoof 2 inches away from my face. Sweet dreams.

It was only five years ago that I went through all this puppy stuff with our other dog, Roscoe.
He was a real the time he gobbled up a pound of gingerbread cookie dough off of the kitchen counter. Bad dog! But I quickly forgive and forget, and I invite him to come along for a car trip later that day. Midway through the trip, he's acting mighty strange in the back seat. Maybe I'd better stop to let him out... he might have to "go". Too late- he already "went". In fact it looks like someone took a ketchup squirt bottle and did a Jackson Pollack number over the entire car interior. Ah, yes, good times with dogs.

However, it's payback time for Roscoe. He's got Lola, the mini-canine albatross, hanging from his neck (literally!) 24-7 now. He does love Lola, but she sure is a pain; she takes his toys, she hops around, she spins in circles, she rushes over to hog all the cuddles and pets he gets. 
Now you know, Roscoe.

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